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Timeline for First-Year Students

UC San Diego assists first-year students to complete their math placement in spring so that they may be eligible to enroll in math coursework at UCSD during the summer and in the fall.  Math placement is a critical component to eligibility for summer and fall enrollment.

The timeline below shows the actions of early placement supported by the Math Testing and Placement Team.

Timeline for Admissions

EMPI Timeline for 2024-2025 school year

Upon admittance to UC San Diego, the MTP Team evaluates math placement for all students.  Students who have not met enrollment requirements will take a Math Diagnostic Assessment (MDA).  The diagnostic assessment is taken online and is unproctored and timed and must be completed in one sitting.

MDA results are regularly evaluated to create individualize placement plans that are sent to students by the MTP Team.  This process is shown in the flowchart below.

Placement Process Flowchart 

 Flow chart for Math Testing and Placement