Placement in Math Courses

In order to enroll in your first UCSD mathematics course, you must first demonstrate that you are prepared for the course.

There are six ways to qualify for enrollment in your first UCSD mathematics course:

  1. Take the UCSD Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE).
  2. SAT II Math Level 2: Score 600 or better for Math 10A (650 or better for Math 20A).
  3. AP Calculus: Score 2 or better on AB test or AB subscore of 2 on BC test. Scores of 3 or better earn UCSD course credits and place into higher courses.
  4. IB Math HL: Score of 5 or better.
  5. Course credit: Earn a C- or better in an approved calculus course at a community college or other college or university.
  6. Present evidence of foreign credit by exam (e.g., GCE). Contact us for more information.